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Maine Cottage® Blog | Cottage, coastal style, home furnishings. Handmade in America. Painted, upholstered and wicker furniture.

In an effort to support shopping local, Maine Cottage joined six other area businesses to create an evening event out of shopping, tasting and socializing. Invitations for the September 18th event encouraged customers to “grab their best girlfriends” and make a night out of it. The music was upbeat and the atmosphere was energetic.

Lauren Russell, Chief Creative Officer for Maine Cottage describes the event. “Annapolis is a wonderful place to stroll around and discover quaint shops and great dining. It is always fresh and exciting for the out-of-town guests, but we wanted to do something special just for the locals. We invited some of our favorite neighboring businesses to help us create a unique shopping event that combined a sampling of the best of Annapolis fashion, furnishings, cocktails, and food.”

Aside from the appealing offerings of the seven companies involved, there is another common thread. Each business featured was truly a grass roots company with interesting back stories about how they got started: in a garage, around a kitchen table, over drinks, or out of necessity. Every company story has an entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of it that was nurtured by the support of family and friends. The Event celebrates and emphasizes the importance of that local support.

Shown left to right: Lucy Mackinon, PR Director for Maine Cottage, Jennifer Donohoe, Co-Owner of Mills Fine Wine and Spirits, Wendy Pierce Rabin, Owner and Stylist at Wrabyn Boutique, Melissa Mayer, Marketing Coordinator at Hobo, Koren Ray, co-founder and chief designer of Hobo, Lauren Russell, Chief Creative Officer at Maine Cottage, Rebecca Myers, Owner and Designer at Rebecca Myers Collection, Donna, Sales Associate at Seasons Olive Oil and Vinegar Taproom

Maine Cottage key chains were available for all at the event.

Style Within Reach Blogger, Caitlin Moran, talks about trends in handbags with Hobo co-founder, Koren Ray and Hobo Marketing Coordinator, Melissa Mayer

Wendy Rabin provided styling advice for versatile looks along with a “sneak peek” at upcoming trends including this wool overcoat.

Left to right: Maine Cottage Design Associates, Cydnee Alvarez, Destiny Boyd, Store Manager, Cathy Newman and Chief Operations Officer, Sarah Wright.

Seasons Olive Oil and Vinegar Taproom hosted tastings of several flavors of their Premium Balsamic Vinegars.

The Shopping Event in Annapolis saw groups of women from Annapolis, Bethesda, DC and Virginia.

The mini desserts, including carrot cupcakes, fudge brownies and assorted cookies by Graul’s Catering were a treat.

The refreshing event cocktail was the King’s Ginger Autumn Cobbler: King’s Ginger liqueur, Creme de Mure (Blackberry) and pear nectar served over ice with lemon and blackberry garnish.

Mills Fine Wine & Spirits
co-owner, Jennifer Donahoe, and Sales Associate, Kara Zang, held the wine tasting and served the Autumn Cobbler Cocktails.

Koren Ray, co-founder and chief designer of Hobo and Lauren Russell, Chief Creative Officer at Maine Cottage.

Annapolis Shops and Guest Vendors participating in The Event included:

Hobo, The Original

Hobo was founded in 1991 in Annapolis by Toni Ray. Now 23 years later, the brand’s original design philosophy is carried on by Toni’s daughter, Koren Ray, the co-founder and chief designer of Hobo. Koren’s passion for creating stylish yet purposeful women’s leather accessories remains the driving force behind the Hobo brand today. “Quality and cool never go out of style!”


WRABYN is a women’s fine apparel & accessories boutique owned by Wendy Rabin in West Annapolis. At WRABYN, clients are invited to cultivate their style with a well-edited selection of emerging boutique designers. Collections are timeless and feminine with a focus on American-made. At the Event, Wendy provided styling advice for versatile looks along with a “sneak peek” at upcoming trends.

Rebecca Myers Jewelry Design

Rebecca Myers has been designing and fabricating jewelry for over 20 years using high karat gold, platinum, oxidized silver and natural stones. Her jewelry designs are inspired by nature’s curiosities. Customers will be able to meet Rebecca and shop her irresistible rings, bracelets and necklaces. They are all the perfect blend of extraordinary craftsmanship and wearable design for every day.

Mills Fine Wine & Spirits

Mills Fine Wine & Spirits has been creating fine taste in Annapolis since Prohibition. Owners Jerry and Jennifer Donahoe are both Naval Academy graduates and served in the Navy until the late 1990’s. At Mills, they are able to perfectly pair their love of wine and bourbon with their passion for business. Jennifer presented a sparkling wine tasting including prosecco and cava along with a signature drink for the event.

Seasons Olive Oil and Vinegar Taproom

Seasons Olive Oil and Vinegar Taproom began in 2009 with the goal of educating the public about the culinary and health benefits of fresh ultra premium extra virgin olive oil and balsamic condimento vinegars. Since then, four family owned and operated stores have opened. The Balshi’s passion for their products shines in all they do whether it be educational classes or chef driven cooking demonstrations. Seasons provided tastings of their most popular selections along with great cooking suggestions at The Event.

Graul’s Market & Catering

Graul’s Market first opened in 1920 and today the 4th generation of the Graul family has joined the family business. The family run grocery store is a cornerstone of the Annapolis community and the home of many Graul family recipes that locals have come to call their own! A total of six markets thrive throughout Baltimore and the Eastern Shore. Aside from the personal friendly service customers experience in the stores, Graul’s also offers catering. Graul’s served freshly made hors d’ouvres and light fare at The Event.

Sign up on our mailing list if you’d like to receive an invitation to our next in-store event!

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Have you ever wanted to move into a coastal dream home filled with Maine Cottage furniture? Now’s your chance!

St. Michaels is a charming waterside town located in a long, narrow neck of land along the Miles River. It sits across the Chesapeake Bay from Annapolis. Shopping on Talbot street and dining at gourmet restaurants are favorite past times of the DC crowd that retreats to St, Michael’s to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The town operates at a slow pace. Bicycles and boats are the preferred methods of transportation. In 2007 the town was named #8 of the Top Ten Romantic Escapes in the USA by Coastal Living Magazine.

The picture perfect coastal escape could be yours because this spacious colonial retreat that is for sale! The coastal property is just a short walk from town and is situated on a large waterfront lot on St. Michael’s Harbor. This waterfront home is particularly unique not because of it’s cottage charm, but because it is brimming with Maine Cottage furniture and color. Maine Cottage, Interior Design Director, Sarah Wright, worked with the owners to create colorful and comfortable living spaces that rival any idea home and make this retreat move-in ready. So pack your bags!

Front of Home.

View from Deck.

View from Deck.

Master Bedroom.

Master Bath.



The historic and colonial house located at 415 Water Street was recently renovated. 2780 sq. ft. of living space includes four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a main level home office and 2 family rooms. The large three season porch spanning the rear of the house and overlooking the St. Michaels Harbor just might be the pièce de résistance.

If you’re ready to move in, the listing price is $1.5 million and is presented by Martha Janney of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage at Church Circle, Annapolis, 410-263-8686.

Maine Cottage is very proud and happy to have worked with the owners of this idyllic St. Michaels property.

Photos and Video by www.RealPatience.com




Trip and Laura Park joined us for a beautiful Thursday evening in Annapolis last week for the Gallery Opening of Trip’s Art. With front doors wide open, the bay breeze rolling through the store and acoustic music playing softly in the background by Miranda McDade the stage was set for a laid back evening with fellow creative spirits and friends. Rams Head provided their IPA and Bowl of Cherries Catering provided the artistically presented light fare. Here are some photos from the fun-filled evening:

A beautiful evening set the stage at the Maine Cottage anchor store for Uptown Annapolis, MD.

Trip and Laura Park stand in front of one of the gallery walls featuring Trip’s paintings.

16-year old Miranda McDade Lassiter entertained the crowd with her sultry voice and melodic guitar skills.

A creative trio: Darby Lassiter, Art Director at Today Media; Amber Shriver, Digital Director at Maine Cottage; Lauren Russell, Chief Creative Officer at Maine Cottage.

Architectural trifecta of Project Designers from Hammond Wilson Architects: Andrei Konsen, Marshall Harris and Andrew Fishback, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP.

A portion of the Maine Cottage team: Cathy Newman, Store Manager: Cydnee Alvarez, Design Associate; Sarah Wright, Chief Operations Officer; Lauren Russell, Chief Creative Officer; Stephanie Esposito, Customer Service Manager; Lucy Mackinnon, Brand Ambassador.

Rams Head IPA was enjoyed by all. Attending the event from Ram’s Head Group was Royal Bundy, Director of Marketing Rams Head Restaurants; Laura Price, Director of Marketing Rams Head On Stage; Erin McNaboe, Vice President Rams Head Group; Kris Stevens, Senior Booking Buyer Rams Head Promotions.

Lucy Mackinnon, Brand Ambassador at Maine Cottage with Barb Duvall owner at Bowl of Cherries Catering.

Bowl of Cherries Catering outdid themselves with these mini caprese sandwiches in pita bread.

Lemon meringue in mini ice cream cones were a hit.

Kristen Minogue, Science Writer/Media Relations Coordinator for the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, spoke about the research that would be supported by a portion of the evenings proceeds.

Old friends Janet Bass Thomasson, owner at Smith and Thomasson Interiors and Laura Park catch up.

Trip shared the story about what was behind his starting to paint in earnest…good old fashioned competition with his wife!

Trip Park amused guests with stories about his advertising days in New York and Chicago.

Trip Park sold the piece and “Wild Buoys” to Ron and Vicki Duncan.

Sarah Wright, Chief Operations Officer and Lauren Russell, Chief Creative Officer in front of Trip’s painting “Buoys Will Be Buoys”.


SAVE THE DATE: Thursday Evening, JULY 17, 2014  – 5PM – 8PM

Maine Cottage® will welcome artist Trip Park to their Art Gallery both in-store and online at an exciting art opening event that will highlight Park’s work. The evening open house will feature Rams Head IPA from Rams Head Tavern and edible creations from Bowl of Cherries on Thursday, July 17 from 5 – 8 PM at the Maine Cottage Flagship Store at 209 West Street in Annapolis. A portion of proceeds from the evening will benefit the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), a non-profit organization that focuses on providing science-based knowledge to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Park now lives in Charlotte, NC, but started his career at advertising powerhouses such as Leo Burnett in Chicago and  Saatchi & Saatchi in New York. While there, he helped to develop characters and animate commercials for AT&T, Nickelodean, McDonald’s and many more. More recently Trip has been busy with the CBS series “The Crazy One’s” starring Robin Williams. He illustrated the on set advertising storyboards and characters, even animating them when needed for scenes. Trip has also illustrated a number of children’s books including Gopher Up Your Sleeve, Trout Trout Trout and the 16 book series Rotten School, as well as designed characters for animated features currently in production.  All the while, Trip has been nurturing his passion for fine art painting. The collection of multiple paintings that will be on display were created specifically, and exclusively, for the Maine Cottage brand. Images revolve around a coastal lifestyle and include paintings of sea inspired themes from sea life to buoys and beer bottles.

When asked what inspires him, Trip responded “When it comes down to it, I like to do paintings for one simple reaction; a smile. I always loved creating brand logos and packaging in the ad world and that’s probably where I learned to appreciate the power of simplicity. I think that is a theme that still resonates in all my paintings.”

Maine Cottage Creative Director, Lauren Russell, said about collaborating with Trip, “On one hand Trip has a laid back southern draw, but on the other he is a whirling dervish of creativity. It’s incredibly energizing to be around him! I think Trip was drawn to Maine Cottage because it’s an emerging brand, and that feels comfortable to him. This event will be casual and coastal like the laid back lifestyle Maine Cottage promotes and honestly it’s also like Trip’s personality! Think beer out of the bottle with seafood hors d’oeuvres!”

Please visit our online gallery and shop from home!



A little bit modern with a touch of traditional, the new Vera Collection of upholstered furniture by Maine Cottage® was designed with great style and sensible functionality in mind. Like an impeccably tailored suit or dress, the timeless furniture pieces have a sophisticated allure that can instantly dress up any space. Combining elements like modern track arms with waterfall skirts, every Sofa, Loveseat, Chair and Ottoman is crisp, clean and classic. Take a look!


Maine Cottage® designers created beautiful sleek lines and added saddle-stitched cushions that come standard on every handmade Vera Collection furniture piece. The furniture silhouettes are attractive and stand confident from every angle, just like a fabulous couture red carpet ensemble! In fact, this modern upholstered furniture was inspired by classic fashion staples that are great to invest in and own.  Here are some essential fashion pieces that are just as timeless in style and function as the Vera Collection:

1. For the office or a evening out, the shape and flattering fit of a pencil skirt is definitely a wardrobe staple. It’s versatile for all seasons and available from a wide range of designers, such as Banana Republic to Ann Taylor to Bloomingdales.

2. Nothing exudes all-American style more than a freshly pressed white button up shirt. This piece can be dressed up and tucked into a long vintage skirt or pair it with your favorite jeans for a casual look. Try the Ralph Lauren Super-Slim-Fit Poplin Shirt.

3. A little sparkle and shine can make any outfit stand out. Having a statement necklace (or jewelry pieces) adds personality and pizazz to basic pieces. Experiment with color and metallics with Kendra Scott pieces.

The Vera Collection by Maine Cottage® is available in 145 original fabrics and coordinates well with Maine Cottage® painted wicker tables, leather seating and solid wood storage.


Maine Cottage® designers combine timeless refinement with colorful fabrics in a new line of upholstered furniture they are dubbing the Lucy Collection. This classic upholstery suite is a welcome addition to to the overall coastal charm that Maine Cottage® is so often associated with.

Lucy’s semi-custom furniture selections allows you to choose from four wood leg finishes and 145 original fabrics. Add comfort down package for the ultimate in luxury. Lucy’s shapely curves and timeless good looks add to her versatility. She can sit well in any decor style. Her semi-tight back cushions are perfect for those who appreciate order and propped up cushions at all times! Each piece of furniture is built by American craftsman and the full collection includes a Sofa, Loveseat, Chair and Ottoman that can truly transform a space.

The collection was named after a one of our designers great aunts, Lucy Woodrow, whose active lifestyle in the 1940′s involved traveling throughout the United States. She always told wonderful stories about her favorite places. Tales about Lucy’s very full life, remind us all to get out there and live life.

Here are some of the places Lucy fondly recalled traveling to with family and friends:

1. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Must Do: Skiing at Squaw Valley.

Gotta Eat: Fish tacos at Fresh Ketch.

Remember: Lake Tahoe never freezes! Bring your suit!

2. Michigan

Known For: State is shaped like a mitten.

Love: The unique sand dunes and colorful scenery.

Fun Fact: Beaches beauty rival Hawaii and California.

3. Portland, Maine

Gotta Eat: Lobster Rolls.

Hidden Gem: Shopping in the Arts District.

Gotta See: Lighthouse tours.

4. Laguna Beach, California

Try: Surf lessons.

History: Oldest city in Orange County.

Fun Activity: Wine tasting in the Canyon.


5. Key West, Florida

Famous For: Being nation’s southernmost city.

Don’t Forget: Hurricane season during summer/fall.

Try: Fantasy Fest celebration.

Traveling and experiencing what the world has to offer provides endless inspiration and excitement. Maine Cottage® painted wood, wicker, upholstered and leather furniture can bring that vacation retreat or refreshed energy into your home. Choose from 145 exclusive fabrics and 50 signature colors to brighten up your space!

A new upholstered furniture collection by Maine Cottage® that boasts seven coordinating pieces available in 145 colorful fabrics to create an effortlessly chic space in your master suite, sunroom or family area. Inspired by that one great friend who loves traditional items, like a classic little black dress or sentimental pearls—the Flora Collection is tried and true.

A statement piece no doubt, is the elegantly curved Flora Wedge Sofa! Shown above are two wedge sofas that bookend this round room—the Flora Wedge Sofas are great for a turret! Or add one semi-circular sofa for a cozy resting place in a more traditional living space. With ample seating and plush cushions, this upholstered sofa is perfect for entertaining and lounging.

Traditional English roll arms and a standard comfort down package are elements that make this collection top-notch.

A waterfall skirt adorns all Flora pieces, including the Loveseat, Sofa, Apartment Sofa, Sleeper Sofa and Chair. (Shown above in Sea Biscuit / Porch.)

What Flora pieces would you mix and match? With more than 145 colorful fabrics and 50 original paint colors for coordinating wood and wicker furniture, the options are endless!

To achieve an authentic warm welcome in the Maine Cottage® Flagship Store, our designers were inspired by the serene and sailing heritage of coastal destinations from Portland, Maine to Maryland’s Eastern Shore to Italy’s Amalfi Coast to showcase our colorful furniture and accessories. We worked with the award-winning decorative concrete professionals at Hyde Concrete to design and fabricate one-of-a-kind countertops inspired by the sailing heritage of Annapolis, Maryland. The innovative project involved using a vintage sail to imprint its shape, texture and overall nautical essence into the concrete countertops. Inventive and eye-catching, the project has been recognized by the American Society of Concrete Contractors and is nominated for an award by the Decorative Concrete Council!

Maine Cottage® Creative Director, Lauren Russell, dreamt of a vision of creating a “conversation” countertop that mimicked the nautical qualities of a sails. Being avid sailors, owner of Hyde Concrete, Greg Hyde, and countertop manager Ari Schraegger, were more than excited to strategize the complex executive and work on the project. Artwork featured above by artist Patrice Drago.

Partial to the number 5 because of it’s unique shape, Lauren requested it be incorporated into the design, so the team had the number sewn into sail cloth and positioned as a focal point in the countertop’s design. It was later hand-stained an accent color to stand out.

Another custom focal point of the design was the flagship store’s address of 209. The numbers were sewn into the cloth before the imprint process and even retain the actual thread used when the numbers were hand sewn to the sail cloth.

At Maine Cottage® customers are encouraged to use the Color Bar to visualize their ideal color palette and furniture pairings. Across this surface is where Design Associates and customers can mix and match all of our 50 colors to find the perfect combination. The gentle creases and smooth texture beckon the feeling of a weather beaten sail.

A smaller countertop was crafted for the intimate area where customers make their purchases. This countertop features a smooth circular spot made from the “Telltale.” It’s where the window on either side of the sail indicates if there is good airflow over the sail via a piece of yarn that blows with the wind. The realistic look and feel of the countertops are always a conversation started and we love sharing the story behind them. We enjoyed working with Hyde Concrete and wish them lots of luck at the World of Concrete show!

Visit the Maine Cottage® Flagship Store to see this original work of art along with coveted pieces of colorful painted wood, wicker, upholstered and leather furniture.


Photos by Richard Allen Photography.
Artwork by Patrice Drago.

Pairing Maine Cottage® colorful fabric patterns with uplifting and motivational quotes is a weekly feature on our Facebook page. It’s meant to provide a little bit of wisdom and whimsy every Wednesday. Visit to see what we’ll post next week! Here’s a recap of our recent favorites:

Gimme-A-Ring / Marine 

Ann’s Labyrinth / Sprout

Lucky Leaf / Clay

Dilly / Zinnia

Bursting with color, our exclusively designed floral and abstract fabric patterns make spirits and homes brighter! They look great on comfortable occasional chairs, sleeper sofas and coordinate with  Maine Cottage® handmade painted furniture pieces. For more pattern play, view our Swatch Coordinates collection, which have been carefully curated by Maine Cottage® designers and feature our perfectly paired paints and fabrics for your home interior.

There’s a quote that says, “The voice of the sea speaks to the soul,” and Annapolis artist Kim Hovell’s sea-inspired artwork spoke to designers at Maine Cottage® as soon as they saw her beautiful oyster portraits and beach scenes. “Born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, I have had a lifelong love of the water and art,” says Hovell, whose works have been displayed at the Annapolis Maritime Museum, First Sunday Arts Festival, HERE. a pop-up shop and now at Maine Cottage®. The pureness of Hovell’s works capture a stillness in a that perfect beach day or idyllic sunset that naturally coordinate with Maine Cottage® coastal colors and cottage furniture. Pick your favorite original oil on canvas painting and pair it with one of our cozy occasional chairs, hand handpainted wooden furniture or natural wicker pieces  to really make a splash in your home.

“Eastern Shore Horizon” by Kim Hovell


“Whitewashed Oyster” by Kim Hovell


Some of Hovell’s favorite materials to work with are acrylic, canvas, wood, oil and paper. She also enjoys working on mixed media pieces and creating limited edition giclées.


“Day at the Beach” by Kim Hovell


"Crabs in the Blue" by Kim Hovell


"Double Oyster" by Kim Hovell


Visit the Maine Cottage® Flagship Store in Annapolis to see Kim Hovell’s works in-person with our colorful furniture and accessories!