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Annapolis Archives - Maine Cottage® Blog | Cottage, coastal style, home furnishings. Handmade in America. Painted, upholstered and wicker furniture.
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To achieve an authentic warm welcome in the Maine Cottage® Flagship Store, our designers were inspired by the serene and sailing heritage of coastal destinations from Portland, Maine to Maryland’s Eastern Shore to Italy’s Amalfi Coast to showcase our colorful furniture and accessories. We worked with the award-winning decorative concrete professionals at Hyde Concrete to design and fabricate one-of-a-kind countertops inspired by the sailing heritage of Annapolis, Maryland. The innovative project involved using a vintage sail to imprint its shape, texture and overall nautical essence into the concrete countertops. Inventive and eye-catching, the project has been recognized by the American Society of Concrete Contractors and is nominated for an award by the Decorative Concrete Council!

Maine Cottage® Creative Director, Lauren Russell, dreamt of a vision of creating a “conversation” countertop that mimicked the nautical qualities of a sails. Being avid sailors, owner of Hyde Concrete, Greg Hyde, and countertop manager Ari Schraegger, were more than excited to strategize the complex executive and work on the project. Artwork featured above by artist Patrice Drago.

Partial to the number 5 because of it’s unique shape, Lauren requested it be incorporated into the design, so the team had the number sewn into sail cloth and positioned as a focal point in the countertop’s design. It was later hand-stained an accent color to stand out.

Another custom focal point of the design was the flagship store’s address of 209. The numbers were sewn into the cloth before the imprint process and even retain the actual thread used when the numbers were hand sewn to the sail cloth.

At Maine Cottage® customers are encouraged to use the Color Bar to visualize their ideal color palette and furniture pairings. Across this surface is where Design Associates and customers can mix and match all of our 50 colors to find the perfect combination. The gentle creases and smooth texture beckon the feeling of a weather beaten sail.

A smaller countertop was crafted for the intimate area where customers make their purchases. This countertop features a smooth circular spot made from the “Telltale.” It’s where the window on either side of the sail indicates if there is good airflow over the sail via a piece of yarn that blows with the wind. The realistic look and feel of the countertops are always a conversation started and we love sharing the story behind them. We enjoyed working with Hyde Concrete and wish them lots of luck at the World of Concrete show!

Visit the Maine Cottage® Flagship Store to see this original work of art along with coveted pieces of colorful painted wood, wicker, upholstered and leather furniture.


Photos by Richard Allen Photography.
Artwork by Patrice Drago.

Inspiration comes in many forms, designers at Maine Cottage® often get their creative juices flowing when walking along the beach collecting seashells, going to local farmer and flower markets, or digging deep into color theory. Someone who can relate to the creative process is our September featured artist, Patrice Drago—a fine artist with an airy abstract expressionist aesthetic. Her serene colors and fluid brushstrokes coordinate nicely with the coastal style of Maine Cottage® colorful handcrafted furniture. Join us on Friday, September 20th to experience this fun curated event!

Serenity (acrylic, 36" x 48") by Patrice Drago



Patrice Drago is a fine art painter that started painting at 14-years-old, she has explored many mediums and is heavily influenced by abstract expressionism.



Friday, September 20th from 5:00–7:00pm at the Maine Cottage® Flagship Store. Please RSVP to Cathy by clicking this link.



Patrice Drago |  Artist Statement: Painting is a new experience for me for me everyday. Rather than sticking to a particular method or style, I begin with an open mind and heart, allowing inspiration to come from within and giving freedom to the expression of my process. I love painting abstractly; both non-subjective and from nature because it creates a more fluid and dynamic feel. While my paintings and style are always evolving and finding new directions, there is a constant underlying theme of vivid colors and lightness of spirit. Ultimately, I paint to express joy.

Summer Forever (acrylic, 30" x 40") by Patrice Drago


Clearing (acrylic, 48" x 24") by Patrice Drago


Fountain and Love (acrylic, 12" x 12" each) by Patrice Drago

Need a mid-week-pick-me-up? Every Wednesday we post a quote or comment on our facebook page meant to provide a little bit of wisdom and whimsy. Selecting the perfect saying and coordinating it with one of our signature colorful patterns is a fun task for our designers. Follow along to see what we’ll post next week! Here’s four of our favorites so far:

Branchberry / Sun                                                  Stripe Tease / Porch

Gimme-A-Ring / Bluebell                                       Grand Mum / Sprout

Floral, graphic, or abstract, don’t these fabric patterns inspire you to upholster a cozy occasional chair, sew living room curtains, or order fabulous throw pillows? For more pattern play, view our Swatch Coordinates collection, which have been carefully curated by Maine Cottage® designers. They feature perfectly paired paints and fabrics for your interior—the possibilities are endless!

Maine Cottage’s furniture is about bright coastal style.


Walking into Maine Cottage’s flagship store in Annapolis is like venturing into a crayon box with every shade imaginable—complete with quirky names, such as Calypso (sea green), Creamsicle (mustard yellow) and Smoothie (pale pink). The store features sea-blue dining chairs, salmon-colored tables and canary-yellow bookcases. This is the place to shop if you’re looking to add a splash of color to your home.

“Color cures,” says Lauren Russell, 40, creative director for Maine Cottage. “When you fill your home with color, it’s amazing what happens. You’re filling yourself with happiness. It’s an all-natural cure.”

The brand has been around for 25 years and is known for chic coastal-style furniture. The 2,000-square-foot flagship store, which opened in December of 2012, is a repurposed 1800s livery stable, complete with reclaimed hardwood floors, sliding barn doors and a concrete slab embedded with old sail flags to symbolize the city’s nautical heritage.

If you’re not sure which shade will work best in your abode, have a seat at the store’s Color Bar, where design specialists are available for complimentary consultations to help select paint and fabric options. An interaction screen allows you to see what the furniture will look like in your desired hues, and customers have 50 colors and more than 60 patterns from which to choose.

In addition to furniture, fabric and paint, Maine Cottage offer accessories, such as candles, lighting, rugs and throw pillows, with price points from $30 to $80. Need some artwork to add a finishing touch? Maine Cottage has that, too, including a series featuring local artists—with more options for pops of color.

Source: Chesapeake Home + Living

From rocking chairs to coffee tables to sectional sofas, our hand-woven and color-drenched painted wicker furniture will complement any space any season. Browse the pages of our new Digital Wicker Look Book by clicking here to view how you can wow ‘em with wicker!

Mixing and matching Maine Cottage® fabric patterns can add a charming personality to your interior. Upholstered on furniture, like sofas, loveseats, occasional chairs, or accessories, like pillows and curtains, they’re lively and really bring a space to life. Our fabric patterns are exclusively designed by a talented team of artists and feature a variety of florals, geometric shapes, stripes, and solids.

This homeowner chose to incorporate three signature Maine Cottage® patterns in the great room of their coastal cottage. A fun pattern inspired by birdwatching, a radial floral pattern, and a smaller scale pattern with organic shapes.

Tweet Suite / Porch

Shown on Norma Chair with Bare Maple leg finish.

These cozy chairs are part of our Norma Collection that feature a tufted back and vintage look—and who doesn’t love a fabric with a bird on it?


Grand Mum / Sun

Shown on Jack Bar Stool with Bare Maple leg finish.

A welcoming addition to any kitchen, our Jack Bar Stools have your back while dining, chatting, or relaxing.


Leaflette / Porch

Shown on Adeline Sofa with Bare Maple leg finish.

The centerpiece of this gathering space is our loose back cushion Adeline Sofa, handmade like all Maine Cottage® furniture, this piece is a comfy landing spot for your family.


Did you know our colorful fabric is sold by the yard? Get inspired here.

A beautiful complement to any summer cottage or coastal home is comfortable, bright, and airy wicker. Maine Cottage® wicker is natural, durable, and available in 50 signature colors! Coordinate it with existing furniture pieces as fun accents or create an entire wicker retreat. Handcrafted by artisans, our wicker features unique details like intricate woven patterns, elegant aprons, and sturdy bases. From cocktail tables to sectional sofas to ottomans, we’re well-stocked in wicker.

Shown: Stevie Apartment Sofa in Sea Biscuit / Porch, Celia Cocktail Table in Porch, and throw pillows.


Shown: Stella Chair with Rambler / Ivory fabric and painted Nikko Blue.


Shown: Lemonade Table and Bistro Chairs in Sprout.

We’re also pinning beautiful wicker furniture pieces on our Wicker by Maine Cottage® board. Take a peek, repin, and get some of the best and the brightest wicker.

This month’s Color & Cocktails event showcased the vibrant nature inspired work of Ramon Matheu—an artist with a post-Pop style and proud resident of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Upon entering the Maine Cottage® Flagship Store in downtown Annapolis, guests were greeted with a raw oyster bar (donated by Boatyard Bar & Grill owner Dick Franyo), refreshing Leinenkeugel’s Summer Shandy Ale, and plenty of good company and conversations. Ramon’s colorful coastal artwork was displayed throughout the Flagship Store and paired perfectly with Maine Cottage® signature colors and coastal furniture.

Feature artist Ramon Matheu with Maine Cottage® Flagship Store Manager Cathy Newman standing in front of one of Ramon’s most popular pieces, “Feast Responsibly.”


The raw oyster bar donated by Boatyard Bar & Grill was a hit! Our professional shucker was manning bushel after bushel of Chesapeake Bay Oysters for guests. A Maryland tradition, oysters on the half shell are served with Tabasco sauce, cocktail sauce, and lemon.


Maine Cottage® Marketing & Sales Assistant, Cullen Bushnell (left), chats with Design Coordinator, Karyn Hutson (right).


Ramon Matheu photographed with Maine Cottage® Creative Director, Lauren Russell in front of, “Crabalicious.” Each piece of Chesapeake Bay inspired artwork sold during the event received a year-long membership to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation donated by Maine Cottage®.


Boatyard Bar & Grill owner and Chesapeake Bay Foundation Trustee, Dick Franyo, artist Ramon Matheu, and Maine Cottage® President, Larry Strassner. To assist with environmental education programs that raise awareness about protecting the Chesapeake Bay, 10% of all artwork sales from the evening’s proceeds were donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.


Photography: Heather Crowder

The abundance of beauty provided by the Chesapeake Bay and wildlife on Maryland’s Eastern Shore inspires July’s featured artist, Ramon Matheu. The Artist Summer Series, curated by the Design Team at Maine Cottage®, are excited about pairing Ramon’s vibrant art in the Annapolis flagship store with our colorful painted wood, wicker, and upholstered furniture. Join us for wine, beer, and a raw oyster bar donated by beloved Eastport restaurant, The Boatyard Bar & Grill. A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation!





















Ramon Matheu is a fine artist and designer who has a distinctive post-Pop style and is well-versed in many mediums, such as computer graphics and sculpture. His artwork will be available for purchase at the event.

Friday, July 5th from 5:00–7:00pm at the Maine Cottage® Flagship Store. Please RSVP to Cathy via email by clicking this link.

Educated in the fine art of print making from Methodist College in North Carolina, Ramon also studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduated with a degree in Specialized Technology. He has experience in acrylic paint, sculpture, computer graphics, and digital photography; and served as an Art Director in Washington, D.C. for more than 15 years. He currently lives on Kent Island with his wife and two children.


People of the Sun by Ramon Matheu (©2013)
















Bushel of Crabs by Ramon Matheu (©2013)























Heron Tranquility by Ramon Matheu (©2013)



Subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about special events, promotions, and new products. Missed out on last month’s Color & Cocktails? Read more about the artist featured in June here.

Thank you to Dick Franyo, Chesapeake Bay Foundation Trustee and owner of The Boatyard Bar & Grill, for his ongoing commitment to protecting the Bay and for donating the Raw Oyster Bar for the event!



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Each month we’ll feature the artwork of talented local artists in our Flagship Store—located at 209 West Street in Annapolis, MD—and host a meet-and-greet event. Our design team has curated this unique lineup of artists whose styles range from abstract expressionism to pop art. All the pieces find a happy home with our colorful painted furniture, like being the focal point above the solid wood Julianna Bed or perched atop the elegant wicker Sally Hall Table. The palette of possibilities for decorating with color are endless.

Indulge in color with June’s special guest Sheila DeLaquil, a fine artist that works in water and mixed media, including acrylics and watercolor crayons. Artwork will be available for purchase and ranges from $300 to $1,200.

  Friday, June 21st from 5:00–7:00pm at the Maine Cottage® Flagship Store. Meet Sheila and the Maine Cottage® designers in person! Please RSVP to Cathy via email by clicking this link.

  “It’s the adventure of painting that inspires me to paint. I’m energized by the painting process and by responding to what happens on the painting surface. I sometimes start working by laying down paint with no particular concept in mind and then work to create shapes, patterns, values and color relationships that are exciting to me. On other occasions, I may start a piece with a pre-conceived plan, but honestly, so much happens on the surface that I inevitably respond directly to what I see.” —Sheila DeLaquil

Indigo 1-4 by Sheila DeLaquil (12" W x 12" H each; acrylic)


Contained by Sheila DeLaquil (12" W x 12" H; acrylic)


Alive by Sheila DeLaquil (12" W x 12" H; acrylic)

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