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Can a room embrace you? We think this one does. Its convivial, open, light-hearted spirit makes it a delightful space for entertaining guests.

A Maine Cottage Living Room.

Semi-formal in style, this room’s the crown jewel of the designer showhouse we furnished recently in historic Charleston, South Carolina. Transformed by radiant Maine Cottage colors and soft textures, this room sparkles with yellows, oranges and reds – including custom window treatments and seat cushions in brilliant Maine Cottage fabrics (available by-the-yard). And all tying in beautifully with the craftsman-era architecture, parquet flooring, built-in cabinetry and generously proportioned windows.

Maine Cottage colors (l to r, clockwise): Sun, Milk, Ale, Zinnia, Pear, Smoothie, Mango and Rhubarb.

Luxe Waffle zinnia-sun

Tweet Suite zinnia

Luxe Yuri ale

There are many names for it – sea green, sea blue, aquamarine, turquoise and wave. It’s the color of ocean and sky. Cool, refreshing and clear. You can almost hear the gentle lapping of waves. The roar of surf. Bluegreens are soothing, uplifting and invigorating in nearly every shape and form. Living with them is too.

Maine Cottage Molly Rocker in bluegreens and blues, including our newest Maine Cottage color: Sea

Blues are soothing. Blues are cool. They remind us of summer, relaxation and rejuventation. Maine Cottage blues are beautiful individually and combined with a wide range of blues, whites, yellows and other hues alike. Look around you – in your garden, across the water, up in the sky, in your wardrobe. They’re all around us. Blues are familiar and feel good.

Photos: Anita Strods Dore & Dennis Welsh

Maine Cottage blues (clockwise): wave, winter, china blue, marine, french blue, bluebell, sea and true blue

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Good Bones, Great Pieces

We think one great blog mention deserves another. Thank you Good Bones, Great Pieces for including a Maine Cottage Stella Sofa Table in your recent “Trendspotter” post. We love the subject (of course) and your excellent guide to style.

Six Side Tables: Wisteria Acrylic round side table, Anthropologie cascara side table, Maine Cottage stella sofa table in French Blue, CB2 paperclip side table, Wisteria bamboo-leg table, and a West Elm martini side table

An inviting kitchen, breakfast nook or informal dining area is an uplifting way to begin a day. Maine Cottage color idea #2 is grouping of yellows and oranges combined artfully on the furniture, window treatments, complementary dinnerware, lighting, tabletop accessories and area rug of this sparkling eat-in kitchen. Jubilee fabric enlivens the space with it’s joyful bursts of pattern and color. Try this cheerful room with eggs benedict and icy mimosas.

Shown: Inga Trestle Dining Table in milk with Windsor Side Chairs in ale

Maine Cottage colors (l to r): Ale, Sun, Milk, Ochre, Mango and Clay

photo credit: Anita Strods Dore

original Jubilee artwork

Maine Cottage Flange Pillows

Lighting by Tracy Glover

Custom Window Treatments in Maine Cottage Jubilee

Maine Cottage Fiddlehead Cocktail Table Boston Home Magazine

Yummy yellows abound in early summer gardens – daffodils, daisies and tulips are joyous harbingers of summer’s arrival. Long-awaited precursors to icy lemonade, dazzling daylilies and sultry sun-fulled days. The lemony hues of summer are featured in the 2010 Home edition of Boston Magazine where they generously included a Maine Cottage Fiddlehead Cocktail Table in Buttercup. Buttercup is one of 40 Maine Cottage color choices and 6 yellows (see below). Click here to view Boston Home Magazine article as a PDF (1.5MB).

Maine Cottage Fiddlehead Cocktail Tables

Fiddlehead Cocktail Tables in Maine Cottage yellows (clockwise): Buttercup, Petal, Straw, Buttercream, Ale and Sun

What do Maine Cottage and a farmer’s market have in common? Fresh colorful furniture and fresh colorful food – all made or grown locally and abundant with beauty and good taste.

Maine Cottage Fabrics

Maine Cottage products originate in New England and North Carolina where we use the best, most delicious colors, fabrics and renewable resources to create our furniture. Each piece is benchmade and finished by hand to order. This method has the added benefit of being “greener” than goods (or food) imported from overseas with less fuel consumption, sustainability and lasting quality.

Is this all a little far-fetched? Perhaps. But we want you to know we share the same appreciation and dedication to providing extraordinary goods as your local farmer’s market. One big difference? We’re always in season.

Today Maine Cottage is all about colorful furnishings for the whole home. But how did it begin? There was a time back in the late 80′s when we offered only painted wood furniture – classic and eclectic pieces reclaimed from summer cottages, yard sales and antique shops up and down the coast of Maine. As our popularity grew, we began producing our own designs here in New England, then custom finishing them to order one-at-a-time in 12, then 32, and now 40 color choices.

Russell sprays color by hand

Simon sands every nook and cranny

Today we have a full assortment of home furnishings made and custom-finished to order here in New England and North Carolina. And yet we remain true to our roots and still hand finish furniture in our hometown of Yarmouth, Maine. We call it the “Paint Shop”. It’s the place where we expertly give our furniture that stunning Maine Cottage color treatment (hand spray, hand sand, hand spray, hand sand and pack it up). Here are a few photos of our very skilled Paint Shop crew.

Dave sanding a dresser before its final coat of color

Hand sanding by Mimi

Wicker and rattan are among the most beloved and versatile materials for casual furniture inside and out on a (very) well-covered porch. Intricate and geometric weaving patterns in classic styles have a wonderfully recognizable familiarity. One that goes well with iced tea and the Sunday paper. The June 2010 issue of This Old House magazine mentions our Maine Cottage Stella Armchair in this context as a modern day example of that relaxed, vintage summer porch look. Maine Cottage Celadon is an attractive garden green. We also have 39 other colors and +200 fabrics to choose from.

Vintage Wicker Chair

Chances are good your mother, grandmother or even great grandmother sat in a wicker chair like this one. Creaky with chipping paint and a faded seat cushion, its been at the summer cottage for as long as anyone can remember. A piece of the cottage’s history and its endearing character. A summer ritual passed generation to generation.





Maine Cottage Stella Chair

Ready to begin your own family tradition? We borrow from some of the great wicker ideas of the mid 20th century to create the vintage appeal found in older summer homes, inns and resorts. Timeless weaving patterns, linear construction and comfy upholstery grade cushions. The twist: 40 Maine Cottage color and +200 fabric choices. This is not your grandmother’s chair.

Stella Armchair