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If Netflix, NFL or PBS Kids is a favorite pastime in your house, then why not do it with style? Maine Cottage Island Media Cases bring color, character and practicality to your family’s tv room.
Maine Cottage 2/3 Island Media Case with Glass Doors

2/3 Island Media Case with Glass Doors in pear
Maine Cottage Island Media Case with Glass Doors

Island Media Case with Glass Doors in celadon
Maine Cottage Island Sound Cabinet

Island Sound Cabinet in porch
Are the parts, pieces, and cables in your home entertainment space an unsightly tangled mess? Declutter with an attractive Island Media Case in 40 color choices.
Maine Cottage Island Media Case

Island Media Case in bark
Maine Cottage Island Media Case

A family room with an Island Media Case in sea

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Maine Cottage Ruby Glass Cabinet
Meet Ruby, a picture of elegance and everyday versatility. Sparkling glass doors provide safe storage for all things wining and dining or to show. The Ruby Glass Cabinet has wonderful presence in your choice of 40 Maine Cottage colors. It’s a new spin on a timeless style. A free-standing repository for your worldly goods. Place pictures, platters and a vase of fresh flowers on the Ruby Server. The originality of Ruby is unmistakable.
Maine Cottage Ruby Server

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step 1 of 4: face the unsavory task

step 2 of 4: spin in bubbles & tumble dry

Maine Cottage Island Armoire

step 3 of 4: fold, organize & stack

step 4 of 4: smile with great satisfaction

Why is it that some people stash their clothing in a closet when they could have a piece of fine furniture? A Maine Cottage Armoire, dresser or wardrobe has wonderful presence and practicality. Our cases provide living spaces with generous storage solutions and great character. Especially in one of 40 Maine Cottage color choices.

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